Welcome to Trading Terms

Trading Terms is a specialist group of experienced, commercial lawyers whose mission is to help other lawyers! We thrive on stepping in at a moment’s notice and working at the heart of clients’ businesses. Our work focuses on two key areas:

1. Locums for in-house legal departments:

Conscious of the fact that budgets for external legal fees are constrained, our lawyers can ease the work load of in-house legal teams during times of crisis in a measured and very cost effective way. Our lawyers usually work on-site within the legal team which not only ensures they fully integrate with and understand the business, but also that overheads are kept to a minimum. Consequently, our rates are very competitive. Our lawyers can step in for anything from one week to several months with weekly debriefs to ensure all concerned are kept up to speed and in control of budgets and time scales.

Typical assignments include:taking on day to day contracts so as to free up time for the permanent in-house team to deal with major transactions; delivering and managing one-off projects or simply covering for another lawyer’s extended absence. Our lawyers are renowned for their ability to quickly integrate with clients and “hit the ground running”.

2. ‘Super secondees’ for private law firms:

Where a private law firm wishes to provide a secondee to one of its clients, but has none to offer, one of our lawyers will step in as secondee thus preserving the firm’s goodwill towards its clients and maximising its opportunities for further instructions. Our lawyer will effectively be an extension of the law firm concerned, following its policies and ethos after an initial period of familiarisation with the law firm and its resources. Most placements are on-site with the client, thus ensuring that overheads are kept to a minimum.

Trading Terms Specialises in:

To engage one of Trading Terms’ consultants for anything from one week to several months, please fill in the enquiry form¬†or contact the office directly on: 020 8946 2355